Flairs Music Video "Radio"

Radio is the third piece of the extreme mixed media trilogy.

The film is about the end of childhood, the escape from reality and transition to adulthood.

Guided by mysterious radio waves emanating from blue breast prosthesis, Flairs meets is inner self (his son in the video) that shows him the way.

Shot entirely in front of chroma key backdrop, keyed out and integrated in "maquette" set, Radio is a tribute to fantasy films from the 80's and the analogue emotion.

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Band: Flairs
Label: 3rd Side
Direction: Ben&Julia

Post Production: Ben&Julia Studio
Production: Ben&Julia Studio / Stink Paris
DOP: Beda Mulzer

Talent: Lhaki Berger
PA: Caroline Menges, Katrin Schlotterhose and Sonja Theil.