The Main Drag | Dove Nets Music Video

Dove Nets is the second piece of the extreme mixed media trilogy.

Ben&Julia created this film just after their journey to India and moving to Berlin.

A 3D character poisoning a giant mouse (handmade representation here), with 3D cheese "camouflaged" with 2D photographic texture.
After a period of convalescence, the mouse metamorphoses.
The themes of obsession and collectionism are here pushed to the limit.
It is finally the Dove that takes over the mad collector despite the recommendations of talking books.

NB: B&J designed more than 32 original representations of doves for the purpose of this promo.


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Band: The Main Drag
Direction / Design: Ben&Julia
Post Production Ben&Julia Studio
Production: Stink Berlin
Line Producer: Mira Um
The Mouse: Caroline Menges
Director of Photography: Beda Mulzer
Gaffer assistant: Katrin Schlotterhose
Sound Designer: Pierre Créac’h & Nicolas Gilbert
Costume Designers: Julia Gaudard & Lhaki Berger
Hdri & Panorama Photos: Jan Totzek
Game Developer: Frank Desfours
Runners: Isabel Kast / Sonja Theill / Felix Schmilinsky