Interactive campaign directed & designed for the Italian genius brand Diesel. In the campaign conceived by Superheroes Amsterdam, the client could choose the color of his underwear and get to see it in a customized film.

Direction & Art Direction: Ben&Julia
SuperHeroes Amsterdam
Creative director:
R. Vijverberg
G. Broadbent, S. Lian, R. Vijverberg
G. Broadbent
Ben&Julia Studio
Post Production:
F. Huergo, D. Schagerstrom
S. Jansen, D. Weisz Blanchetta
Technical: C. Noble-Partridge, M. Vestergaard
Dop: S. Mende
Camera assistant: P. Wölke
Gaffer: B. Apteiker
Talent: E. Morzaluk
Hair & Make up artist: C. Bourgueil
Make up assistant: F. Dattinger
PA: C. Menges & D. Huckert