The world of Kaluk is a sculptural and multimedia project initiated in 2011 by the artists Ben&Julia and that they still develop to this day.

First presented at the in gallery during the Pictoplasma festival in Berlin, later at La Gaïté Lyrique in Paris and the Modern Art Museum of Monterrey in Mexico, the installation appeals to a wide audience from children to adults fascinated by the power of the imagination in the construction of myths.

The World of Kaluk, open the doors of an imaginary museum where oversized fantasy characters face the difficulties of their times, questioning their animality in a land populated by chimerical characters with strong symbolic charge.

Kaluk Exhibitions 
2022 | Mauer Gallery | Berlin
2014 | Pictoplasma | Contemporary Museum Monterrey Mexico
2014 | Voo Store | Berlin
2014 | Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery | Berlin
2011 | Post-digital monsters | Gaîté Lyrique Paris