An Idea of Luxury | Hauptbahnhof Zürich

The idea of the imaginary journey as luxury is coupled here with the symbolism of the eye both receiver and emitter.
The essence of the performance was to transport the audience in another universe while on their way to their personal destination, we thought the train station would create the perfect mindset for this journey.
We felt like Méliès while buildong the oversized decors and the design of the costumes.

Original soundtrack composed and recorded by Pierre Créac'h.
Agency & Production: Eqal Visual

09:00-12:30 ︎︎︎ Creating Scene 01
12:30 ︎︎︎ Performance Scene 01
13:30-17:00 ︎︎︎ Creating Scene 02
17:00 ︎︎︎ Performance Scene 02
17:15-20:15 ︎︎︎ Creating Scene 03
20:15 ︎︎︎ Performance Scene 03