Tino Pizza Web Series ︎

PIZZA TIME!! Tino Pizza is the web-series project of Ben&Julia. Tackling the world of social networks, the world of art and musical industry with exceptional mix-media visuals and a vitriolic humor.

Episode 01 "New Crap" ︎
Tino and his old pal Smelly Feet meet up at the Bar & Flies to discuss profitable ventures.
The two have an idea of "G-nius": to release their own drink brand --"New Crap" and start stacking that money.

Episode 02 "Poop Gang" ︎
In this episode, Tino is still into deep crap and is about to meet those who will change his life and the music industry forever: the Poop Gang.

⋆⋆ Official Selections in Festivals ⋆⋆
︎︎︎ Animaze - The Montreal International Animation Film ⋆⋆ 2020 / Best Animation / Webseries
︎︎︎ Seoul Webfest ⋆⋆ 2020 / Best Pilot / Series
︎︎︎ Berlin Webfest⋆⋆ 2020 / Best Pilot /Best German Series
︎︎︎ The Chain NYC Film Fest ⋆⋆ 2020 / Best animated series
︎︎︎ VAIFF ⋆⋆ 2020 Best Animation / episodic
︎︎︎ IOWF ⋆⋆ 2020 Best Pilot / Mixed media

Format: HD 1080p
Language: English
Subtitles FR - EN - + more than 80 languages in "Automatic Translation" mode.
Instagram: @tinopizza